Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls – 10 easy hairstyles for little girls that won’t add more prep time to your already crazy mornings!

One of the things I love most about little girls is that they get to do their hair every day. Since both of my daughters were born, they’ve been rocking headbands, braids, girlie braids, bows, and their hair is well brushed before we leave the house. On days when I have all morning to create the perfect sleek hairstyle, we get creative with all kinds of braids and twists.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

But I’m a mom of 5 and usually our mornings don’t take the time to pin or curl every strand of hair perfectly, especially on weekday mornings when we’re getting ready for school. That’s why I find it so helpful to have a short list of hairstyles for girls that take no more than 5 minutes from start to finish!

Easy Hairstyles For Girls That You Can Create In Minutes

Want to see my list? In no particular order, here are my top 10 hairstyles for little girls. I used my own little model to illustrate each idea, but the original tutorials are linked below each image.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

It doesn’t take much time to put together, often simple hairstyles for girls are the ones that look best anyway!

I’m Stephanie! We hope to inspire moms from all walks of life to simplify their daily routines and create happiness along the way.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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By clicking the GO button, you agree to be added to our newsletter. Don’t worry, we will never spam you and you can unsubscribe at any time. Do you think you can make a difference? Want to transform your hairstyle into something flippy and easy to style? You have come to the right place! Medium length layered haircuts are incredibly popular among women of all ages, face shapes and hair types. Their versatile nature means there’s a cut for every woman – and the added benefit of layers means your hair gets more shape, texture and even volume (when you need it, of course!).

And now, check out these super awesome medium length layered hairstyles that we’ve handpicked! They will give you the inspiration you are looking for to enjoy your shoulder length hair.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

1. Textured bob for straight hair. One of the main advantages of bob hairstyles is their versatility. They look great on wavy hair – and even hotter on straight hair!

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2. Messy lob with bangs. Medium layered hair has everything for that trendy, messy effect that many fashionistas are aiming for these days. Layers add volume and texture, while curtain bangs add the finishing touch.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

3. Medium layered bob. The bob haircut is always at the top of our list. Add layers – and enjoy the low-maintenance ride!

4. Layered cut with open bangs. Wild hair with long medium layers paired with tight and open bangs is the sweetest combination! In addition, this hairstyle is a great way to hide a large forehead.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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5. Medium length hair with layers. Create the illusion of thickness and movement with this beautiful cut for medium length hair.

6. Irregular uneven lobe. The best thing about uneven layers for medium length layered hair is that they look stunning, give a subtle, romantic look and add texture to your hair. Also, no special skills are required to style this low-maintenance hairstyle.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

7. Moderately unstable bob. Want a super fun and flirty hairstyle? Scattered hair will fall into place! It’s a bold cut that gives definition and movement while looking light and easy.

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8. Elegant shoulder-length bob. If you’re blessed with smooth, straight hair, refresh it with smooth layers! Adding highlights adds dimension and thickness.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

9. Elegant feathered loins. This medium length layered hairstyle is a suitable solution for everyone. Not only does it suit ladies of all ages, but it looks incredible with all hair types. Designed for medium length hair!

10. Medium haircut with sliced ​​ends. For trendy styles and voluminous medium layered hairstyles, ask your stylist for a cropped bottom. They not only give air to thick hair, but also make the thinnest strands shiny and lively.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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11. Rough, medium-length layers with definition. If you take the trouble to remove some of the thick strands by layering, you have every chance of achieving a lot of natural movement in addition to a slightly rough texture, which can be beautifully accentuated with a styling product.

12. Layered Medium Length Cut. Don’t be discouraged if you have thin hair and want medium layered hair! Add extra volume to your hair with this beautiful medium layered hairstyle for an easy and cute look.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

13. Layered cut to the shoulders. Adding layers is a great way to freshen up your look and try different shapes for your casual hair. Shaved layers keep the hair from looking too heavy. This is why many girls appreciate short and medium layered haircuts.

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14. Layered midi shag with bangs. Undoubtedly, many women like this particular shaggy variation because it gives an extra feminine touch, making it look playful and classy. You can wear your hair loose without having to cut off your long hair!

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

15. Voluminous curls, rough edges. If you have beautiful curly hair, this shoulder length layered hairstyle will allow you to feel fashionable and attractive all day long. Just wash your hair, apply product and appreciate the elegance and simplicity of today’s shags.

16. Layered Ombre Style. Layered shoulder-length hair with an irresistible ombre is a whole new level of beauty! The layers make the gradient especially attractive. With this style you can shine whether you have straight or wavy hair.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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17. Lively hairstyle with wavy layers. Layered curls are another amazing way to show off a rough cut. Style your bob with medium layers with defined curls for the most volume and regal dimension.

18. Double layer cut. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance mid-length hairstyle, you’ll love this gem. Ask your stylist to create two layers that enhance the natural bounce of your hair and enjoy the beautiful result!

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

19. Beautiful gray hair with layers. Embrace and enhance your natural gray with a hot balayage style. Medium layered hair with silver colors will easily revive and refresh your tired hair.

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20. Shaggy layers and bangs. Fluffy layers in medium layered haircuts are adorable and make hair look full and healthy. Also, regardless of your hair color, beachy waves look perfect with this cut.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

21. Layered shoulder length hair parted in the middle. This combination of soft chin-length layers and undercut separates effortlessly balances a prominent chin.

22. Shoulder-Grazing Layered Wavy Bob. Curl your layered hair to your shoulders and run your fingers through the waves for this chic beach style that will last for days.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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23. Bob Cut with Swoopy Layers. This is probably one of the most stylish hairstyles for medium length layered hair. Sharp layers offer extreme volume and movement, and you can experiment with making them even, solid or asymmetrical.

24. Medium length cut with rough bangs. Imagine yourself inspired by an early 90s indie film and try medium layered hair with bangs. The highest level of femininity!

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

25. Shoulder-length hair with layers and feathered ends. With heavily layered strands and generously feathered flip-tops, this hairstyle adds volume, bounce and ease to a hint of retro chic.

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26. Shoulder Cut with Feather Layers. Among the many medium length hairstyles for straight hair, this old hairstyle is a winner for all ages. It also highlights colored hair wonderfully.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

27. Shoulder-length layered cut. Some medium length hairstyles are quite universal, like this one here. All you have to do is choose which twist you want to add, whether it’s a specific shade or styling technique.

28. Voluminous wavy shaggy bangs. Full bangs are the best complement to shoulder length medium layered haircuts. Let them flow into the shorter layers at the crown of your wavy, wavy tresses for a playful and edgy updo for your holidays.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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29. Medium length hair with layers and loose waves. With a few waves, a wavy fringe and small highlights around the head, this charming shag exudes a summery vibe and a carefree vibe that deserves to be in the inspiration gallery.

30. Medium length layered updo. This layered hairstyle embellished with golden threads is a magical styling option. With stunning shine and captivating texture, this hairstyle is sure to make you want to look in the mirror more often.

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

31. Medium layered blonde hair with custom face framing. Here’s a beautiful example of layers designed to soften a square face shape without hiding the girl’s beautiful features. You cannot ignore certain angles around the cheekbones, which are designed to narrow the widest part of the face.

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32. Low-maintenance bangs with layered bangs. This beautiful shaggy looks completely effortless and its built-in cut allows for easy styling

Shoulder Length Kids Hairstyles For Girls

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