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Ben Betty Hairstyle – I know that a thread is not even expected to be a grown-up hairstyle, and it usually belongs to Benny and Betty, elementary school hairstyles, aka African thread. But with some creativity, it is possible to create a really stylish, grown-up hairstyle from yarn. Creativity with natural hair is not something we struggle with, not at all. And when done right, a braided hairstyle can be a great protective hairstyle and can last for 3 weeks or more.

What thread can be used for hairstyles? This is the question I get asked the most when it comes to braiding hair. Well, any yarn, of course, and any color for that matter. I use 3 ply yarn and Brazilian wool, which is mostly used for knitting. There are pros and cons to both, but that’s a post for another day.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Ben Betty Hairstyle

If you need some inspiration for your next protective style using yarn, I’ve put together these yarn or yarn/wool hairstyles.

Best Yarn Hairstyles This Winter.

A simple Benny Betty with some synthetic hair extensions. It is easy to do and long hair makes it more beautiful and can be worn by both adults and children.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

False locks using Brazilian wool. These fake locks are very lightweight. The only drawback is that their installation takes a long time. Otherwise, you will enjoy wearing them. Another thing is to make sure you don’t make them too tight.

The yarn twists are just amazing and I could do them over and over again. They can be made using Brazilian wool or textile wool. Either way would be great.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Benny And Betty Hairstyles: Trending Hairstyles

I am in love with these voluminous yarn twists. However, if you still want to live with the twists and turns of the strands, don’t even think about washing your hair while wearing them. The string is so heavy when submerged that it literally breaks your neck. Don’t they look amazing?

Twists of thread can also be used in different colors. Can’t get enough of these pinks. They look very beautiful and modern.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Thread braids are also a great style option. This is a great protective style that can be made long, short, sleek or thin.

Trending Natural Hairstyles This Spring At Nashe Hair Studio.

African braids with cornrows in the front are very simple, clean and elegant. My favorite.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

African threads can easily be worn to the office. Well styled and designed to show off your facial profile and inner professional.

I love these straight African braids I spotted at Latore Hair Salon in Pretoria. Very good. Can’t wait to try these. Very artistic.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Easy Rubber Band Hairstyle On 4c Natural Hair / Criss Cross Method / Protective Style

Straight braided African hair can also be done as an updo. I love how this came out from Nashe Hair Studio.

Another option for hairdos with the help of thread is to make them with needles. Although it takes some skill to make them, they are artistic and stand out from the corn plants. It is also suitable for people with short hair. I have a whole playlist on my channel on how to do needle and thread cornrows and flat pleats. Here is one of my latest videos.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

These are just a few that I was able to add to this post. Otherwise, I have tons of hairstyle pictures I’ve collected from Pinterest, Instagram, and Nashe Hair Studio.

Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

What is your favorite hairstyle? I lived to find out. I’m going to look into multi-colored threads as my next protection method. I want to keep them super thin because I can’t deal with voluminous hair lately.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Evenes Ruth Mafupa is the founder of Natural Sisters, a natural hair blog. She re-started the blog in 2012 to document her natural hair journey as well as share her experiences of this amazing journey of self-discovery and how her hair grew out of her scalp. She is an entrepreneur, founder of Natural Moisture, mother of 3 boys and DIY enthusiast. This hairstyle is as easy as it looks. Basically, with the extra hair, I have more options when it comes to sewing African threads. Added hair makes a big difference. Especially if your hair isn’t long enough to tie a bun or style it in any way. Adding extra hair also helps with volume. Even if it’s only 4 sections like mine, it makes African threads look amazing.

I mean, in overnight hair growth, 4 sections are usually done as a night job to minimize the next day’s shrinkage. This is how I first fell for this hairstyle. I had washed my hair, I didn’t even have time to make thick curls. So I decided to do African braids for the night and see what I could do with my hair the next day. And then I got the idea of ​​using hair gel and adding extra hair. I literally played with my hair. I did not expect a real style from him. I tied my hair with a scarf and went to bed. The next morning my edges were so smooth and the African strands looked so beautiful. Of course, I took a few photos and posted them on social media, and from that came requests for a tutorial. Here are the pictures I posted.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

Crochet Hair Styles To Try Out In 2022

What I’m doing now is actually a better version of African threads because I’ve put more thought into it and created an easy-to-follow procedure for you. The first time I did this, I didn’t follow any set routine at all.

I use XQ Marley hair in the video. You can also use any type of curly textured hair and it should come out beautifully. Make sure your hair color and type is as close to your natural hair as possible so you can create the illusion that your natural hair is that long. I used regular acrylic thread and eco styler gel to fix the edges and cuts. Watch the video to see how I do it. I have a lot of interest in how I blend hair extensions into my real hair and make it look really long.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

If I said I like this hairstyle, I wouldn’t say it. I liked it and I will do it again. What do you think about African threads? Is this a style you can do? Are you a fan? What tactics do you use to make African hairstyles more fashionable? I want to know. Comment below and let’s talk and celebrate African topics. It’s part of our heritage, you know. Our African heritage. No wonder African threads. Not just a hairstyle.

Natural Hair| Bubble Flat Braid| Updated Ben & Betty

Evenes Ruth Mafupa is the founder of Natural Sisters, a natural hair blog. She re-started the blog in 2012 to document her natural hair journey as well as share her experiences of this amazing journey of self-discovery and how her hair grew out of her scalp. She is an entrepreneur, founder of Natural Hydration, mother of 3 boys, and DIYer. I have never had a good relationship with my hair – it was always a “bunny” that needed to be controlled.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

“Did you stick your finger in the fork again, Tabakko?” Elementary school kids would ask me, followed by a chorus of ignorant giggles that would tug at my Afro curls and all the confidence that came with it.

“Hamb’ okama amahliphihliphi, Nontobeko! [Comb that dirty hair],” my mother would instruct. If I didn’t, I would find my head between her thighs when I untangled them with an afro comb.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

A Crown For A Queen

Are you shaking as you try to figure out what’s wrong with you – Benny and Betty’s Painful Boots? Ama’Blocks? Snoopy?

Oh no! Here comes the intense chemical warfare. “Ungasheshi uwashe! [Do not rush to wash the lamp]” refers to the burning brimstones of hell…

Ben Betty Hairstyle

My fondest memories are not of our royal African princesses and their mighty crowns. It was the 90s, not the bold and daring era of #PretoriaGirlsHigh. We sat in assembly lines and racist school policies and hair police patrolled any roller who dared to step out of place.

Fabulous Back To School Style Braid With Rubber Bands You’ll Want To Try It! ⋆ African American Hairstyle Videos

I am in awe of the bold and daring times we live in now. Black womxn “Yaaass honey!” with “comes to win” (and husband) It is amazing to watch them own hair in the most creative and appropriate way. A detailed search on my Instagram leads to @urban_mimz, @Nix_Indamix and @originalbedoo.

Ben Betty Hairstyle

29-year-old Nikive Dlova, AKA @Nix_Indamix, celebrates hair street culture through her year-old blog Together with his stylists, he pushes the boundaries, unapologetically promoting the black woman to shake him, caress him and flaunt him.

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