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Knotless Braids Bob – Have you ever thought of getting a stylish braid without a knot? If you are tired of the usual and you are also trying to find a new style that fits, get the new and trendy braids without a knot! This is why girls love it + the different knot-free weaves to choose from!

A no-knot braid is a traditional three-strand braid look but with a twist, literally. This hairstyle is made with braiding techniques and with the help of your fingers, while the work itself must be smooth and precise. Some braiding is done on your natural hair, but artificial strands and beads can be used for a dramatic braided look!

Knotless Braids Bob

Knotless Braids Bob

With knotless braids, the hairstyle is created using a feed-in braiding technique that few stylists know about. For most transformations, this is what the process looks like:

Boho Bob Frontal

Wondering if you’re the right person for knot-free braids? Many girls enjoy them, but they are mostly worn by younger girls or women who don’t mind the maintenance part. The look itself is quite dramatic, time consuming and high maintenance, creating a lot of work to do.

Knotless Braids Bob

However, if you want to stand out and don’t mind spending 2-3 hours getting ready in the salon – make sure you get one!

The warm fiery red is the perfect color for fall! Make and represent these knotless braids with attitude!

Knotless Braids Bob

Bob Wig Braids For Black Women Stitch Braids Dreadlocks Faux

If you love the easy-care look, then you know you can tie a knot-free braid into this voluminous bun!

If your stylist is an expert and you like tight curls, try this knotless braid!

Knotless Braids Bob

Add a twist to your hair and create these curls & waves. This knotless braid with twisted ends is even perfect for formal and evening outings!

Knotless Box Braid Wig

If you’re a fan of precision and a super extreme look, you’ll enjoy these knot-free black laces.

Knotless Braids Bob

The ombre look is so fierce and stylish when done the right way. If you dare try it with this colorful, knotless braided hairdo.

Hair in a bun without a knot is suitable for women who have a lot of work, as well as for women who like a look that is easy to maintain.

Knotless Braids Bob

Trendy Short Braid Hairstyles 2021 — Cutafrik Afro

Hair without knots swept back can really look pretty & formal. If you love sleek hairdos, this is for your prom, birthday or wedding party!

The hairstyle that is slicked to the side is very trendy and suitable for everyday wear. Thicker braids without knots easily catch all the eye and attention!

Knotless Braids Bob

If you enjoy more vibrant and dramatic colors, you’ll love this yellow knotless braid! They take a lot of time to get but so worth it!

Xtrend Knotless Jungle Box Braids 12 Stands 20 Inch Goddess Box Braids

Who doesn’t love and live for all the colors of the rainbow? If you want some colorful knotless braids that are perfect for summer, try this one!

Knotless Braids Bob

Black and red can look really good together. Try this black and red knotless braid if you want to stand out with a pop of color.

This high knotless ponytail is perfect for girls or women having a fancy or formal event!

Knotless Braids Bob

Super Chic Large Knotless Braids For 2023

A bright red knotless weave will make you the star of the show! It’s trendy and ideal for clubbers, as well as for women who love the party look.

A knotless bright blue weave like this takes over 4 hours to achieve, so be prepared!

Knotless Braids Bob

Wet braids without knots with a brown tint are suitable for different age groups, as well as girls who like a stylish look.

Top 30 Knotless Box Braids For Your Next Stunning Look

Last, but not least, try these knotless blonde braids if you love the cute and fluffy knotless look every day.

Knotless Braids Bob

Finally, feel like you can rock a braided look without the knots? If you’re a fan of beautiful and dramatic looks, you’ll enjoy all of our top 26 ideas reviewed. Tell us which knotless braids you must have!

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Knotless Braids Bob

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Knotless Braids Bob

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Bob Braid Hairstyles You’ll Obsess Over For 2020

Goddess Braided Bob Knotless Wig, Box Braided Wig, Goddess Braided Wig, Knotless Braided Wig, Bohemian Braids, Boho Gypsy Braids, Rasta Braid Wig

Knotless Braids Bob

Purchase Protection: Shop with confidence knowing that if something goes wrong with your order, we’ll back you for all eligible purchases — see program terms

Say no to bad hair days with our premium quality wigs, 100% handcrafted to perfection by our experienced team of braiders.

Knotless Braids Bob

Mira Large Knotless Braids

This wig gives people the illusion that you just came out of the weave shop, it comes with baby hair for a smooth hairline transition. This is the perfect coverage style for all hair types.

Very easy to put on and Ideal for busy people who don’t want to sit for hours to achieve a protective style.

Knotless Braids Bob

13×4 Lace Front Wig- The lace part covers the front hairline (ear to ear), measures 13 inches Wide & 4 inches Long. Built with a black mesh cover sewn in lace. You can style it anywhere in the front (middle section, sides, half bun). You cannot wear your hair in a ponytail and a high updo

Braids With Curls For An Absolutely Stunning Appearance

FULL LACE WIG – The lace part covers the whole head. It imitates your natural hair so you can create a part where you want. Full lace wigs have more lace area than lace front wigs which makes them lighter, more comfortable and more breathable. This is the most versatile wig you can get with unlimited styling options. You can also wear your hair in a variety of ponytails & high buns.

Knotless Braids Bob

Wash gently and condition the wig with a mild shampoo. When washing your braided wig, be gentle and wash in one direction, don’t wash it in a circular motion or in a pile in one area.

The wig is beautiful. I definitely couldn’t do without glue but it made my wedding so much more beautiful! I feel like a beautiful bride on my special day and this gives me the time I need to be a dramatic bride!! I highly recommend and will definitely buy again. customer service is phenomenal!! even better than the wig itself. makes me feel comfortable spending this kind of money! highly recommended. buy from him!!!

Knotless Braids Bob

Top Artistic Braids With Beads Hairstyles For A Jazzy Vibe

Distressed faux locs wig, Butterfly locs, Bohemian locs, messy locs, dreadlocks wig, goddess locs, boho locs, woven locs for black women

Jumbo Box Braid Wigs Big Box Braids Wigs Box Braided Wigs Jumbo Braid Wigs Bohemian Braids Gypsy Boho Braid Braid Wigs for Black Women

Knotless Braids Bob

I ordered this wig for my wife. The wig is well made, neat to a certain extent but could be given more time for finishing as there are loose hairs coming out of the mesh. I was a bit disappointed with the color because I ordered the color 1b but I got a mixture of 1b and brown, especially on the hairline. This is not a color my wife likes. Overall it was good. My wife tries to be satisfied with the color. For the cost of the wig, I was expecting a lot more. It looked really good out of the box but when my wife put it on it really wasn’t what she expected.

Braids With Beads Hairstyle Ideas And Looks For 2022

Knotless Braided Wig, Knotless Braided Wig, Full Lace Wig, Realistic Braided Wig, Box Braided Wig, Knotless Braided Wig for Black Women

Knotless Braids Bob

These braids are so perfect that they can last 3-4 years. Show Stopper!!! And it will cause a lot of jealousy. Super Star Status

Full Length Braided Wig, Knotless Braided Wig, Knotless Full Length Braided Wig, Box Braided Wig, Senegalese Braided Wig, Knotless Braids

Knotless Braids Bob

Chic Knotless Braids For 2023

Goddess Weave Wig, Goddess Weave Wig, Box Braid Wig, Custom Braided Wig, Knotless Weave Wig, Bohemian Braids, Boho Braids vertisement ads by PreciousCrowned shop ads

Full length no knot braided wig, No knot box braids wig, black women hairstyles, Box braid wig, Senegalese braid wig, Vertisement no knot braid ad by PreciousCrowned Vertisement Ad from the shop

Knotless Braids Bob

Sew In Braid Wig, Conrow Braids, Weave In Braids, Full Back Conrow Wigs, Full Sew In Lace Conrow Braids, Box Braid Wig, Weave Wig Vertisement from PreciouslyCrowned Ad Vertisement from the PreciouslyCrowned store From the PreciouslyCrowned store SGD 6427.

Omg! The Best Long Knotless Box Braids Hairstyle For 2021!

Full Lace Triangle Braid Wig, Knotless Braids, Full Lace Braided Wig, Realistic Braided Wig, Box Braided Wig, Human Hair Lace Braided Wig Vertisement Ads By PreciousCrowned Vertisement Ads By Store

Knotless Braids Bob

Knotless Micro Braids, Knotless Braided Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Knotless Braided Wigs, Knotless Braided Wigs, Knotless Braided Wigs for Black Women

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