Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

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Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020 – Working at Nashe Hair Studio allowed me to see hairstyle trends in the natural hair space as they came and went. If you don’t know what to do with your hair, here are some hairstyles trending this spring at Nashe Hair Studio.

The half updo with extra hair has become a favorite at Nashe’s hair studio. This hairstyle is suitable for any occasion, from bride, bridesmaid to wearing it for work or play. That is why it is so popular because it can be worn for that special occasion at the weekend and without any problems at work the following week. This gives you some versatility when it comes to styling your hair, from keeping it short as shown in the photo to a bun or roll and tuck hairstyle with hair at the back. The hair added to the back is marley hair, which looks very close to natural hair when combed. This can be done with any type of hair, it changes the result a bit but still looks beautiful.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

The elegant bun is also very popular with our natural brides. This hairstyle allows you to make the most of special occasion hairstyles for the week ahead. A white church wedding, which is very common in South Africa, allows you to play with low bun hats and other traditional headwear if you also want a traditional wedding.

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You’d swear it was all her hair. These are vixen braids made using the crochet technique with some hair left out. There are many styles that can be obtained from vixen braids. But getting rid of hair can be a lot of work. The hair may recede and may not look the same as the marley hair you added. So daily maintenance is necessary.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Here, using curly hair that resembles curly hair is very helpful. This afro wig has become a favorite among many Nashe Hair Studio customers. In this heat emergency hair should not be cold at all. Don’t touch your shoulders, not your face, but so lightly on your head that you even forget you’re wearing a wig. This wig will make many drool and think it’s your real hair. When I wear this wig I have a hard time convincing people it’s a wig, sometimes I take compliments and move on.

These braids are trendy with highlights and curls at the ends. Made short enough for good movement and not too heavy or too hot for the wearer, these medium braids are very popular these days. Other people like them in one color, and I think either way, they’re really cute. My next hairstyle. I hope so.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Best Cornrow Braid Hairstyles To Try In 2022

Curls can also be enjoyed in Marley twists. Gone are the days of pure Marley twists. Many people request some curls at the ends of short or long Marley twists.

Last but not least, spring turns. These just come in and they run. As soon as we get stock, it stays that way (fingers crossed) so often we run out of stock of this hair. We are also very happy with them.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

What is your favorite hairstyle? Are there any more trending hairstyles I’ve missed this spring? Tell us about them in the comments. Can you also leave a link so I can check them too.

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Evens Ruth Mafupa is the founding blogger at Natural Sisters, a natural hair blog. She started the blog back in 2012 to document her natural hair journey and share her experiences on this amazing journey of self-discovery and embracing how hair grows out of her hair. She is an entrepreneur, founder of Natural Moisture, mother of 3 boys and a DIY junkie. While the natural hair movement is growing in popularity, many women of color are still at the beginning of their journey towards their natural look. When considering different natural hairstyles, there are several important factors to consider, such as face shape, hair type, styling skills and the latest trends. And we are ready to help beginners through all these steps, as well as give an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtrending hairstyles for hot shots.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Taste varies and this saying applies to most black hairstyles. Some women of color prefer crops because they are bold and low maintenance. Others opt for mid-length cuts because they offer more versatility but are less demanding in maintenance compared to longer locks. However, there are plenty of “long hair averse” girls who appreciate the length for its femininity and undeniable chic. Well, whatever your preference, we’ve got the latest inspo for every length.

“A lot of people who come in for big chops get a full fade because it’s easier to maintain and requires less styling time,” Mizani Global Educator and Curl Expert Darris Brown tells Refinery29. When looking for haircuts that are easy to style and care for, the first thoughts that come to mind are the fade, tapered cut, undercut or TWA. However, the crops become more unique, attractive and stylish, when exciting details are added and extra styling efforts are put into them. That’s why we offer a variety of short natural hairstyles that boast a little spice rather than easy maintenance.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Elegant Natural Hair Updos For Black Women

Are you ready for a new twist? Then braid the sideburns to create this unexpected mohawk full of juicy twists.

And these braids are wrapped around the lower part of the head to descend into a beautiful afro puff that catches the eye with its big, tight spirals and highlights.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

This half up is a real catch for African American girls with 4 type coils. Keeping the beautifully styled hair loose and voluminous at the back, pull the front sections up into a neat topknot.

This Is Sindi Dlathu’s Method Of Stretching Her Natural Hair Without Heat

This hawk is the master of amazing updos for short natural hair. It has a unique side pattern and shows tons of shape and volume.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Zorro, is this you? No problem, go for an undercut with your own design, which is especially dramatic on dark thick hair.

Ranging from chin level to shoulder length, medium hairstyles for black women are often highly sought after due to their versatility in styling along with their low daily maintenance. Plus, black girls grow out medium length hair much faster, not to mention natural shrinkage, as we all know a lack of oil can cause curls to break. In the same breath, hairdressers say that bushy natural ringlets are easier to tame, while keeping them on the long side, some extra weight comes with the length and it helps fight frizz. With so many advantages like mid-length lovers, it would be a great loss to miss the trendy hairstyle from our collection.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Holiday Party Hairstyles That’ll Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

Round curly bobs are the ultimate look, shining with perfectly defined curls and cherry red highlights.

Definitely sticking to ‘go big or go home’, this black girl showcases her authentic vibe through a touchable layered cut.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

This shoulder-length hairstyle is slightly spiced up with braids and ombre; The curls show off their beautiful pattern.

Afro Hairstyles: 25 Afro Styles We Love+styling Tips

For a quirky yet professional look, opt for a stunning flat twist hairstyle, wrapped in a stylish crown bun.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

It’s amazing how easy it is to turn two-strand styling into hair art through unique and intricate patterns.

Do you dream of cool ponytails, elegant setups and fun braids without extensions? “With natural Afro hair, long sections across the crown give you the ability to create a look that suits your fashion sense and lifestyle needs,” says Charlotte Mensah, brand founder, salon owner and multiple Afro Hairstylist of the Year winner. However, Marie Claire adds that there is no point in growing hair without investing in its health. So, if you’re tired of short haircuts for curly and natural hair and don’t want to spend time, money and effort spoiling your mane, find your next hair goal in our photo gallery.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Secrets To Long Ponytails For Black Women You Never Knew

Can you believe that this amazing hairstyle takes a layered cut, a simple twist and a shine-enhancing product?

Less is often more, and this cool, silky hair speaks volumes with minimal layering, texturing and coloring.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

This fancy cornrow hairstyle features braids, pearls and a high pony, but the cute baby hairs are really our favorite part.

Latest Kinky Hairstyles In Nigeria That Will Make You Look Lovely In 2023

If you want an idea for an elegant prom updo, try this textured hairstyle made with several thick twists and a gorgeous combination of warm brown colors.

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

In your routine, keep it simple, dial down the volume to flatter this center parted wavy face.

The rule of thumb is that your hair dictates the texture

Afro Pondo Hairstyles 2020

Black Ponytail Hairstyles For Any Weave Or Hair Texture

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