Lacoste Sneakers Men

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The Lacoste Hydez is one of the most affordable sneakers in the Lacoste collection, with a durable outer surface that softens over time and offers a smooth stride. Many wearers are delighted with the embroidered crocodile on its side panels, which instantly adds a touch of sophistication that allows you to be versatile with your wardrobe.

Lacoste Sneakers Men

Lacoste Sneakers Men

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The popularity of the classic heeled sneaker has become a style staple these days as it pairs well with casual wear and even suits. Matching the project is the Lacoste Hydez, lined with leather and emblazoned with the brand’s signature crocodile logo. Its simple, sleek, clean and easy shape will enhance your look, whether you pair it with a button-down shirt and jacket, wear it with a scarf and matching tee, or choose turtlenecks and colors. . Its versatile closed-toe jeans instantly elevate your outfit for any time of day (and night).

Lacoste Sneakers Men

Versatility of style and comfort is the most desirable feature of Lacoste Hydez, which is warmly welcomed by both men and women customers. A touch of class and sportiness is evident in its pure leather upper, paired with a classic rubber sole. Along with comfort, its well-ventilated interior is complemented by well-cushioned textiles that leave a pleasant impression on its wearers.

Fashion labels that previously stuck to dress shoes and sneakers are following the trend by supplementing their casual sneaker lines with hot-running rubber-soled shoes or sneakers. Lacoste, a household name in the elite world, is one brand that has responded to the hype by creating comfortable and stylish sneakers, some of which are inspired by tennis, such as the Lacoste Hydez trainers.

Lacoste Sneakers Men

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Lacoste was born in 1933, with the birth of the tennis polo, loose clothing using cotton. The jersey’s embroidered reptile logo was easily associated with Rene, as the crocodile used to be, and represented his prowess in the sport.

It wasn’t until the 1950s that Lacoste changed the game of tennis even further, introducing solid-soled tennis shoes. Lacoste tennis shoes were an instant hit with athletes due to their comfortable construction and classic style.

Lacoste Sneakers Men

Fast forward to the new century, and Lacoste has introduced a range of sneaker styles that pay homage to the classic tennis shoe of the 1950s. The Lacoste Hydez, a leather unisex sneaker, is one of those classic rubber-soled shoes that’s gotten a lot of attention.

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Lacoste Sneakers Men

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