Huawei 2021 Kenya Campus Recruitment

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The Huawei 2021 Kenya Campus Recruitment is open for this year’s applications. Huawei describes itself as an independent, privately-held company that provides information and communication technology (ICT). It serves three main types of customers globally:

  • Telecom operators that provide Internet, broadband, wireless, plus fixed and mobile phone services
  • Enterprises, organizations, institutions, governments & public utilities, as well as industries: finance, energy, transportation & manufacturing
  • Consumers, who buy our smartphones, smart watches, laptop computers and other devices.

How to apply for the Huawei 2021 Kenya Campus Recruitment graduate training

  1. Visit the careers Huawei official page.
  2. Click on students tab.
  3. Click on international graduate.
  4. Filter the search using ‘2021 kenya campus recruitment’ as the keyword.
  5. Click on the selection and proceed to read more about the job requirements and responsibilities.
  6. Click application to apply for the job.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Supporting delivery project, include Fixed, Mobile, Core, IT product line projects.
  2. Collect supervisors request from projects, understand the project delivery progress and basic implementation.
  3. Design the structures and integrate to existing systems/tools.
  4.  Develop suitable tools to enhance the efficacy of the project delivery.
  5. Update project workflow and progress, and adapt the tools to match the request.

Huawei 2021 Kenya Campus Recruitment

Professional Requirements:

  1. Have a proficient command of a mainstream development language (Python / JAVA/ C# is preferred)
  2. Have the experience of common database systems such as SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, and have experience in developing SQL statements.
  3. Have an in-depth understanding of various open source frameworks.
  4. Have a good understanding and design of common frameworks and modules.

Business Requirements:

  1. Have strong learning capabilities. Be able to quickly master the service processes related to Huawei digital delivery and apply them to design and development.
  2. Be able to independently complete the design and development of small or medium sized software architecture, quickly locate technical problems, and provide solutions.
  3. Be able to communicate with technical teams about the solution and promote the implementation of the solution

The application deadline is on 31st May 2021.

For more details, visit the application portal and apply .

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