How To Add An Icon On Your Slack Username

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Slack is one of the most used communication tools in the workplace. It can be is used by different companies and individuals for collaboration through its features like channels, slack connect, and messaging. It improves productivity and comes in a free or paid version where the paid version has more features. Adding an emoji or an icon on slack can be a challenging task for many new users.

In this article, I am outlining how to add an icon on your slack username .

Open your slack account.

Slack accounts are accessed using email accounts. Once you have been invited to a slack channel and joined, you will receive notifications through email when something new has been posted on platform.

Open the email notifications by clicking open in slack.

I prefer to open in a browser as sometimes one may not be in a position to access the desktop application or have not installed one.

I am opening slack in the browser as i have not downloaded the application. This opens slack.

The platform then lists all the channels and messages. To add an icon on your username, click on your profile picture on the top-right corner of the page.

How To Add An Icon On Your Slack Username

Click on set status

Choose the emoji or icons you would like to appear beside your username.

Once you have decided on the icon, choose the duration you want the icon to stay on your profile.

Choose ‘ don’t clear ‘ if you would like the icon to stay on your profile permanently and save.

Emojis are used in slack for expression and identification among the channel members.

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