Women’s Hack for safety on Zindi

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Date and time: 10th april 08:00-16:30 GMT

Please note that this is a women’s-only hackathon, intended as a safe space for women to practice and learn from each other. Any men found on the leaderboard will be disqualified. We will check identity documents and conduct interviews with participants during and after the hackathon.


Welcome to the Zindi Women’s Hack! This is a one-day virtual hackathon for the women data scientists of the Zindi community. Note that the dataset and leaderboard will be open for just one day on 10 April 2021. Review the Timeline section for the day’s schedule. We encourage you to join us on the livestream on the day of the hackathon. See you then!

How to prepare for the hackathon

  1. Practice on a challenge and make your first Zindi submission. Watch this YouTube video.
  2. Make a team in preparation for UmojaHack. Watch this YouTube video.

Women's Hack for safety on Zindi

South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in Africa, with approximately 2 million crimes reported every year. Women experience crime and are vulnerable to crime in different ways from men. Studies find that while men in South Africa are more likely to be a victim of any type of crime in general, women are more likely to be a victim of particular types of crime, including sexual assault and property damage, and on average feel more unsafe than their male counterparts.

We are calling on the women in data science to explore this issue with us. This challenge calls on you to build a machine learning model that predicts a woman’s level of risk of being victimized by a crime given basic information about her and her life.

For more information ,visit the official page.

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