My one week experience in ZURI x I4G Internship

ZURI x I4G Internship is a virtual internship program sponsored by Zuri and Ingressive4Good.When I came across the opportunity, I hurriedly applied to beat the deadline. I sent my application minutes before the deadline.

I was really excited to receive the acceptance email with an invitation link to slack. when I logged into slack, the onboarding ceremony and orientation had already taken place but I watched the recording on the Zuri team’s youtube channel.

I was so glad that I had exposure to using slack before but felt overwhelmed by the number of messages that were shared each day. In the slack channel, we receive general announcements and specific information meant for a specific track.The ZURI x I4G Internship has 4 tracks :

Design (UI/UX, Graphics)

Front End development (HTML / CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS),

Back End development (PHP, JavaScript, Python)

Mobile software development (Flutter, Java, Kotlin)

During this first week I have learnt a few things such as:

Time management.

The ZURI x I4G Internship mentors and trainers are in a different time zone. Due to the difference, I have found myself missing some live trainings but luckily I get to watch them on youtube as soon as they are uploaded.This has made me plan my time in such a way that I can catch live sessions.


We had a session on making money online. During the session, the trainer highlighted ways that we can of make money online. The ZURI x I4G Interns and other people in technology can make money online by writing technical articles,graphic design,web design and software develpment.One of the most popular sites for freealncing is upwork.


The internship program uses a platform called ZuriBoard in which we get assigned tasks and thereafter get graded on accuracy, timeliness, and ability to follow instructions. In a span of one week, I have done two tasks and gotten graded. The fact that the tasks have deadlines has motivated me to not only finish them as soon as they are sent but also manage other parts of my life efficiently.

I want to thank the organizers, trainers and mentors involved in the program and I look forward to more learning and growth.

About: Justina Kageni

Justina Kageni is an information scientist with passion for Information Technology.She is on a mission to share her knowledge and skills.

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