How to create an Upwork account and start working from anywhere in 2021

In this digital era and the worsening pandemic situation, many people have lost their white-collar jobs. To earn a living, many are exploring working online. Online jobs are available in freelancing sites where freelancers get paid by doing different tasks for different clients. There are many diverse jobs according to different professions. One of the most popular freelancing sites is Upwork. Other websites include Fiver, Freelancer, Iwriter, Writerdom, and PeoplePerHour. In this post, I am highlighting steps that one should take to create an Upwork account and start working online.

1.Open your browser and search for Upwork and Sign up.
2.Choose to continue with Google. Choose an account to use. This verifies the account by itself. You can also continue with email and provide your email and password.

3.Complete your free account setup.

4.Choose whether you are joining to hire or work as a freelancer. In this account, we are joining as freelancers. So choose that and create a username. If the username turns red that means it is taken, so add a letter or a number to make it unique. Tick the checkboxes to indicate that you have read and agreed to the up work’s terms and subscribed to their emails. Then click on create an account.

5.Click continue and fill your profile.

6.Choose to fill up manually.

7.Choose the category and sub-category of the freelance work you want to do and click next.

8.Indicate your expertise by choosing the skills you possess. If a skill is not listed, type it out and add. Choose 10 skills. what exactly can you do? Ensure that you choose skills that align with the category you chose.

9.Choose your expertise. The expertise levels are three: entry, intermediate, and expert. Choose intermediate so that you can access work in both entry and intermediate levels.

10. Add the education by filling the current highest level of education.

11.Add employment history details that align with the category you chose. Ensure that you indicate an industry that is related to your category.


12. Add English language proficiency and other languages that you are conversant with. Choose the languages that you know and indicate that you are fluent.

13.Indicate your Hourly rate
Indicate your charges per hour for any clients. As for newbies, it is recommended that you start from $15-25. Upwork deducts 20%from the amount of money made.

14.Type out who you are.
Indicate your profession. It should be short and written in the title case. For example, Professional Web Developer. Then type your Professional overview.

In this section, Welcome your clients and summarize your skills and experience. For example,
You can use this sample overview to create one that fits your skills.

“Thank you so much for visiting my profile. I hope I meet your expectations. I am an experienced (title) with diverse skills in…. . I can create/build… I possess skills in(write the skills you choose earlier while creating the profile). I have experience …
I follow instructions and directions to meet the client’s requirements while imposing creativity of the highest level.(skill) is my passion and I can deliver quality and original work. Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to working with you.”

15.Add a Profile Picture.
Ensure that you have a good professional which a plain background photo. Also, take an individual photo at a close range while smiling. It should be a passport size photo.

16.Add location details such as Town and Street.

17. Add your phone number and click ‘preview profile’.After previewing the profile click submit.

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