How to Upload a document on google drive and create a shareable link.

Uploading a document to google drive makes it easier for sharing while keeping it safe in an electronic form.People who are in need of such a document may request you to send them a link to access it rather than emailing it or sending through other means.In this article ,I am outlining the steps one should take in order to upload a document to google drive and create a link they can share to let other people access it.

1.Open your email account.

2.Click on the dots on the top right corner of gmail to access google apps.

3.Choose google drive.

4.Click on ‘+ New ‘ sign  and choose upload file.

5.Once the upload is complete,click on the file icon to check its location then right click on it to access a drop-down menu and choose ‘get link’.

7.Choose who can access the document using the link.

8.Choose if one can view ,comment or edit.Copy the link and share as desired.

About: Justina Kageni

Justina Kageni is an information scientist with passion for Information Technology.She is on a mission to share her knowledge and skills.

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