Digital Apprenticeship Programme

The Digital Apprenticeship Programme focuses on providing practical experience to junior technology professionals though three-month work placements with:

  • Digitally enabled tech start-ups/scale-ups
  • Non-tech/traditional business models, SMEs that would benefit from becoming digitally enabled

The Digital Apprenticeship Programme aims to provide practical work experience to junior technology professionals as well as expose non-tech businesses to the benefits of digital enablement.

Many internship/apprenticeship programmes are unsuccessful as businesses do not have the time and capacity to mentor/develop the junior interns/apprentice. This often leads to a poor experience for the business and the intern/apprentice as neither derive any value from the experience, with the intern/apprentice ending up doing menial tasks.

In this program, the junior technical professionals will be matched to either a digitally enabled start-up/scale up or a non-tech traditional business to deliver a specific agreed project which could include a website, business intelligence, a chatbot etc. An additional component of advisory/mentorship will be added to ensure the junior technical developers get the support they require.


  1. 18 to 35 years old
  2. Kenyan citizen
  3. Technical or digital training in Computer Science/IT or related field


  1. Practical work experience
  2. Mentorship
  3. Monthly stipend
  4. Techbuddy Network and exposure to expand your professional network

For more information visit the official Eldohub page

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