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How to print from an android phone

Smartphones can perform many functions of computers.Technological advancement has continued to make them more powerful and capable of carrying out so many tasks.One such task is printing documents.In this article,I am outlining steps on how to use your android phone to print out documents.

1.Open the document you want to print.

2.Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the phone

3.Select print option

4.Choose all printers or add printer.Adding a printer is done by using its IP address or WIFI direct printing.

5.If you do not want to add a printer ,select the all services option to open google play.

6.Install a printer service plugin according to your printer this case,I am installing an application for a Samsung printer.

7.Install the app and open it.

8.Read the user agreement and tick to agree.Then allow location access when the application is in use.

9.Select your printer.

10.Press WPS icon on the printer to establish a connection between the printer and the phone and wait for the print out.

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