Five big reasons why developers should blog

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A blog is a short form for weblog and can be simply defined as an online personal diary in which an individual or a group of people share information on specific topics. Blogs help develop an online presence and engage ones audience .Many people blog or start a blog for different reasons. In my case, I started this blog for self-development is like having a diary where I document my thoughts and share my opinions. Additionally, this blog is an opportunity to share my knowledge with the world and acquire more while at.

Learn new things

Learning is so important in our lives such that it never stops. People strive to learn new things every day. Blogging demands that one is up to date with what is happening around the world especially in their industry of interest and expertise. One also needs to learn and acquire different knowledge and skills so that they can effectively share with others. You will always need to educate yourself before teaching others. This kind of learning is not only theoretical but practical as well.

Improve and refine your writing skills

Having a blog means that you have to  write regularly if not everyday.In writing and other skills ,the more you write the better you get .Apart from writing, you will proofread your articles hence become a better writer. The best thing about having a blog is that you don’t have to be an excellent writer or a writer at all .In fact many developers just start and learn along the way.

Building an online portfolio

Many employees look at the online profiles of the people they intend to hire into their companies. Having a blog doesn’t only paint a good picture about yourself but can also impress a future employer. The online space has many things about you, having a blog gathers them together and put them in a way that they look authentic and trustworthy. For developers this is a way of showcasing their projects.

For networking purposes

Growing a network is crucial. Bloggers engage with the  other people in the same industry .As we all know, your network is your net worth.So creating a blog helps you to create a network .As business you can utilize blogging to gain more clients.An individual can also use blog to showcase their capability or start a personal brand.

Express yourself and share your passion

Everyone has something that energizes them. That your passion. Having a passion for something and being able to express it is the most wonderful feeling. Having a blog gives that opportunity: to do what you love and show it to the world. People therefore find a blog niche according to their passion.

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Justina Kageni is an information scientist with passion for Information Technology.She is a web developer on a mission to share her journey.

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