How to apply for public service jobs in kenya

The government of Kenya advertises job vacancies at both national and county levels.The advertisements can either be in print or electronic media and they are aimed at reaching as many citizens as possible.The vacancies in print media mainly occur through the newspapers while electronic ones are placed on the government websites.Due to technology advancement and digitization of many services,job applications are done online.

Here is how to apply for public service jobs online:

  1. Visit public service website
  2. Click on online application

3.Look at the advertised jobs and read the application guidelines.

4.Click on register to create a account if you are new to the website.

5.Input your ID or passport number and password to login in if you already have a registered account.

6.Choose the category that you are interested in.

7.Select the vacancy and fill your details.

8.Fill in your personal details ,experience,registration,other courses,referees and  other details.Then click on submit application tab to complete and submit the application.

9.Once the application is will see the notification

Just like other jobs,public service jobs are competitive and attract many people.Currently there are some ministries recruiting employees through the public services website.You can apply for them from the comfort of your home .All the best.

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