Where to start coding

Given that most people are under lock down, it is a good time to acquire some new skills.One of such skills is coding. There is little or no clear guidance on where and how one can learn how to code, but it is important to start on the right foundation. Being a beginner means you have no prior knowledge on coding and how to go about it.Therefore it is crucial to have a good starting point as it defines how the rest of the coding journey will be, This article outlines some of the recommended platforms to begin your coding journey. The following resources are free and beginner-friendly. Find resource, stick to it and stop watching so many videos and reading tutorials. Simply, get started so as to avoid researching forever.

Introduction to computer science

Many online platforms offer introduction to computer science because it focuses on many fundamental concepts that are core in coding.Such concepts include data structures and algorithms and object-oriented programming.one of the best places to learn this course is through edx .Harvard’s introduction to computer course is called CS50x and covers the main programming concepts. The course is free but one has to pay if they want certification.

The edx courses are practical and makes a learner acquire programming and thinking skills as they try to solve the problems. The learners have to do a project after the each course and submit to the tutors.

This course however requires one to endure lectures which can be long, boring and tedious.It is easy to lose motivation if such is not your style of learning.

For the CS50x course, there are communities of fellow learners on different social media platforms like twitter, Facebook and Instagram among others. Connecting with fellow students makes the course more exciting as people can motivate each other The course is self-paced which offers time flexibility for learners.

Interactive platforms

These sites give learners a chance to practice after covering each section with them as they undertake the course. The learner practices and is corrected by the tutors as the learning progresses .Such platforms include Freecodecamp,Codecademy and Udacity.

In these platforms learns learn theoretically first then practice the knowledge by coding .They give immediate feedback as they indicate if one is wrong or correct.The courses are also self-paced and the content is broken down into small subtopics to aid the Understanding.

However, interactive platforms may summarize the content way too much and leave out some concepts. Due to this it is good to consider starting with them but still take introduction to computer science.

Finally, take into consideration the different coding tracks as you begin the journey. This will assist you in making the decision on which track you are passionate about and would love to pursue.The tracks available in programming are:web development,Mobile applications development(android,IOS) and game development.

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