Six reasons why you should back up your blog files

The importance of backing up websites’ and blogs’ files is overlooked.Sometimes it is until we became victims that we learn from experience and do a back up. Loss of files can cause Loss of money and time as well as reputation.Here is five reasons why backing up your files is so crucial.

cyber crimes

The blog sphere is full of cyber criminals who are just waiting to take advantage of your data.With the rise of hacking and scamming activities bloggers have to be careful.  . If your blog falls in the hands of the bad guys,a backup copy can be used to restore your site .

system Updates

Any update made in your blog has a big impact on the site.Having a back up is good because the updates can go wrong and completely alter the content of the blog.The blog content management systems have different components such as plugins sand themes whose versions require occasional updating.. messing up with the components can cause the blog to go offline,therefore it is good to always create a back up before making nay major updates.

computer failures

Computers sometimes face technical problems that can cause the loss of blog files.It is therefore important to have a back up of the files somewhere else.If your have the files and the backups in the same computer even a small break downs can affect your blogging activities. Incase of theft all the files are lost .

saving time and energy

Losing blog files can be a big catastrophe as one has invested time and energy and money to setup the site again or even uploading new files.The time dedicated to create a blog ,write,edit and maintain the blog should be respected by having a back up.Imagine having to start from scratch doing things all over again can be exhausting.

Human error

Deletion of data or overwriting can happen.As humans we make mistakes and bloggers are not exceptional. In case of such mistakes backups offer another chance to keep the blog up and running.

Your hosting provider might not do it

Relying solely on your hosting provider is risky.Even though the hosting company is supposed to do weekly or daily back ups for your blog,its crucial to have your own copy.Shared hosting plans may even lack such features as many sites are hosted on one server.

To ensure you have a good back up plan:

1.Have an off-site files are safe from hackers and hardware failures.

2.Automate your back up process .Automating the back up process a makes it easier to remember to back up without postponing.

3.Have back up copies in multiple locations.Having multiple copies is better than having one.

4.Test .It is not enough to create a back up.You need to ensure that it does work and can be help when needed.

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