Reading a coding tutorial requires a committed mind, hard work perseverance, passion and strong will. To stay on track, one has to realize what they really want so that the passion cannot wear out. Learning through a book especially to code is not complicated as long as one knows how to go about it. It requires a different angle so that things are less complicated.

consider the following points when reading a coding tutorial

It is all in your mind.

First, tell yourself that you can do it .It is unfair to have the interest then say that coding is not for you. If you like to make use of your mind to solve problems and make new things. Then coding is for you. It is not as automatic as it sounds but even if it takes a little bit more time and energy to grasp some concepts, you will finally get there.

Set goals

Learn with a goal in mind. What objectives do you what to achieve? Have you ever wanted to build something but you do not want anyone to do it for you? It can be a resume, profile, a website blog or an application. Take practice projects and come up with something.


Planning is very different from acting. You cannot learn anything technical by just planning. You need to get started.

Take it slow.

It is natural to want to quickly progress from one level to another. You might be quick but fail to understand details. Slowly but surely is the best. Be patient with yourself. Learning to code requires retaining content of the book or the tutorials. Read and study slowly to learn rapidly. Consume just a little bit of information at a time, then practice using it till you know it very well. This may seem boring and tedious but you gain a lot.

Be keen

Say no to staying stuck. Getting stuck is a part and parcel of learning how to code. When you get stuck ensure that you are not tempted to move on, skip that bit or give up all together. Why we get stuck?

Sometimes it is because we skipped an earlier chapter or have forgotten what we learnt earlier that is crucial for this section. If you have forgotten, go back and refer.  Things might begin to get clearer. To keep moving forward way:

  • Search alternation sources. You can consult google or stack overflow, quora, geeksforgeeks, w3schoools or codementor.
  • Even if the sources have nothing, do not quit .Ask the people you know. We have probably know a friend or a friend’s friend who codes or is learning to code.

Came out to the public.

You can use public pressure for motivation .Take a bold step and tell everyone what you are doing. Promise them that you will not quit if you have to. Ask your family to help you as well.

Final word.

Start and decide to finish. It is not simple to learn how to code or any other thing and finish. Finishing a coding tutorial is a huge step as being self-taught boosts your morale to take on anything.

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