How to access google classrooms for e-learning

The corona virus pandemic has left schools closed down .The closure has motivated and forced schools to adopt e-learning in order to ensure that learning goes on. In this tutorial, I am showing how to access google classrooms which is among the most used platforms for e-learning. The examples used are for a grade 2 pupil.

  1. Search in the any web browser. Web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, chrome, edge, safari, and opera mini and internet explorer.

2. Sign in using the child’s email address or yours as directed by the teacher.

3.Click next and input the password. This password is provided by the teacher along with the email.

4. Read Google’s disclaimer and click welcome.

5. Click continue to access the classroom.

6. Once you are on google classroom, choose the access level: one is either a student or teacher.

7. Select “ I am a student “ and proceed to join the classroom. The grade is indicated at the top left beside the class teacher’s name.

8. Double click on title indicating grade at the top left side of the google classroom to access the assigned homework.

9. Click on “view all” to check all assignments .

10. Double Click on the specific homework to open it.

11. click on “+ add or create”,Copy the work and paste on docs and Let your child do the work.

12. Then click “mark as done” to indicate completion of the assigned work.

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